Career Progression

Career Progression

Be Caring provides career progression and formal qualification opportunities

You don’t have to be an experienced carer to join Be Caring. We’ll give you all the training and development you need. Career progression is offered in various formats, we’ll guide you through the options.

If you want to specialise in a certain field of care, we can support you on your journey. If you’re ambitious, and want to lead a team, qualify as a Nurse, Assistant Practitioner* or become a registered professional – we can deliver the qualifications you’ll need. What’s more, you can earn above the NMW while you qualify to gain the experience needed to reach your full potential.

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Are you under 25?

We’ll pay you above the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for an adult over 25. Meaning that you’ll earn more than your ‘age related’ NMW pay rate, often paid in retail or other sectors. So, if you’re working as a carer, and choose to study towards any qualification in Health and Social Care, you’ll earn more than £8.21 per hour while you work to gain experience and study.

If you’re under 17, you could earn £4.00 per hour more than the base-line hourly NMW rate for your age! Work towards a formal qualification at the same time, at no additional cost to you – so it’s debt-free.

… and if all that sounds good… if you drive we’ll pay you mileage too!

We’re hiring for social care jobs and career opportunities in Leeds | Manchester | Newcastle | Liverpool

Roles available across the organisation include:
Carer | Care Service Manager | Support Worker | Domiciliary Care Team Leader | Home Care Support Worker | Complex Home Care Assistant | Palliative Care Worker | Senior Care Assistant | Reablement Care Assistant

Qualify as a Nurse, Occupational Therapist or Regulated Professional

We’ll provide certified training for lots of care-related specialites. Our recent partnership with Sunderland College enables us to offer you career progression to qualify as a Nurse or Occupational Therapist. You could qualify debt-free in seven years, or less depending on your experience or qualifications before you joined Be Caring.

It’s exciting for us to be partnering with Sunderland College for the Level 7 Nursing and Occupational Therapist qualifications. Our relationship is paving the way for employee-owners to have more career opportunities within the health and social care sectors.

Darren Scholes, Head of Recruitment and Training, Be Caring Ltd.

*Assistant Practitioner opportunities limited.


We have highly skilled colleagues who have the ability to support and transform the health and social care system.  Most notably they are under-valued because the sector isn’t viewed on a par with the NHS. Through better commissioning, and working in partnership with our health colleagues, we can make a difference.

Sharon Lowrie, CEO